Des textes kh (en anglais!)

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MessageSujet: Des textes kh (en anglais!)   Des textes kh (en anglais!) I_icon_minitimeLun 21 Déc - 16:52

Namine's Story
Once upon a time a young girl who looked like a doll. She had blond hair and big eyes as blue as the ocean. The small girl was like a bird in cage, she couldn't go out but dreamed of the outside. Everyday in her giant white prison she drew the outside's world like she imagined it. She only know the white of her prison and only saw colors on her sheets of paper. Dreamed of her colored world only composed of joy and happiness. She was sad outside but happy inside, in her imaginary world, her silent lie. The only things that she knew of the outside's world was that one of her abductor told her. But one day someone's comes. And the little blond girl could comme outside. She discovered the truth, the world like she imagined was fake. She didn't know joy and happiness there. Finally, she died. Died in a world of pain and sadness. The little witch never knew the joy and died in a wrold of darkness without saw the light in. She couldn't see how much this world was beautiful and died quietly... In a silent lie.


Roxas's Story
A blond boy with angel's face
Eyes of ice, erased smile
A reflecion of a mirror
A nobody, he want to see
How was his real him.
A black mantle who through the night
Who kill in one hopeless fight
The heartless, for become real
The end of their illusions's feelings
And of their fake's life
He hear the order from the Organization
But because there's Xion
He leaves the place
And go search Sora
But... Can he find him?
I don't know, I don't think so
Now I have to draw
Draw fakes memories for him like I've done for Sora
With them he will be able to find him.
Maybe I can go see him one day?
I don't know, I will ask to Riku.
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Des textes kh (en anglais!)

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